Dr. Jonathan Marshall

Executive Coaching

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Every individual carries influence but the way we exercise that influence is often distorted and may bear an impact on our professional relationships as well as job satisfaction and overall productivity.

One of the most common challenges faced by leaders is not in knowing what to do, but in practicing what they know. One-on-one executive coaching sessions provide successful individual adults with the ideal set-up to identify their strengths, remove roadblocks hindering success and enhance leadership effectiveness.

As we develop ourselves, we become more fulfilled and, as leaders, we begin using our influence with more generosity and wisdom. That influence then becomes something we use more for the benefit of others and less for the fulfilment of our own desires.

The impact of change is a complete transformation in both personal well-being and professional accomplishment.

Executive coaching will bring greater clarity of purpose, a deeper sense of alignment with one’s own values, and a greater authentic connection with others at home and at work.
— Jonathan


  • How can I become more effective?
  • How can I get greater purpose in life?

  • How do I feel more alive? 

  • How can I relate better to others?

  • How do I build authentic relationships?

  • How can I move ahead of competition?


  • Better leveraged leadership strengths
  • Improved team performance
  • Increased personal and team productivity
  • Increased ability to direct focus on the most important issues
  • Achievement of greater success in critical projects
  • Better time management
  • Effective communication - with decreased conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Creating a stronger climate of trust
  • Achievement of greater balance and the reduction of stress