Dr. Jonathan Marshall
In executive coaching, psychotherapy, or leadership training, my role is to support you towards greater well-being, effectiveness and authenticity.
— Jonathan

My hope is to help people lead more fulfilling lives. With some clients, we may focus on developing strengths, improving relationships, and clarifying a sense of purpose. With others, we may focus on healing wounds of the past, understanding unconscious blocks, and gaining fresh skills. In two decades experience, I have had the privilege of seeing that we can really change. I work with people from different walks of life to make those changes.

The process I use is as much art as it is science. Grounded in my training in psychology and personal experience, I collaborate with my clients in a process that fosters authenticity, personal connection, and exploration.

I am sometimes asked how executive coaching, psychotherapy, and leadership training are connected. They involve psychologically developing ourselves to be more able to manage challenges, to be better at connecting to other people, and to live simultaneously with ease and vibrancy. While helping someone with depression or trauma may look very different from helping a senior leader or competitive martial artist, with a high stakes event, I've found the underlying challenges are related because they involve managing our minds.

Myself, I am regularly reminded that I have a long way to go on the path of development. I find it very meaningful and gratifying to be on this journey with my clients.     



A simple model of the journey to deeper authenticity, healing, and growth

Human Dev Scale.jpg


Overwhelmed: You may feel a lot of fear and distress. Getting "in the zone" may seem almost unattainable. 


Conventional: You manage day-to-day matters effectively but you have the sense that life could be more. You might find yourself saying, "I'm sure I could be more vibrantly alive and creative but I'm not there". 


Optimal: You feel a pervasive sweet stillness, an expansive sense of connection, and an easy awareness of the present. Your mind is creative, and in "flow".




As an executive coach, I help people understand how our minds and environments impact our behaviors. As I learn about the different areas of my clients' lives, I may offer simple advice and practices to help achieve positive change in performance, relationships, and fulfillment.


I work with individual adults in a process that may involve healing the scars of the past, managing stressors of today, and developing strengths for the future. I collaborate with my clients to create a customized program for them. Using an integrative structure, we may work with the conscious and unconscious; emotions and the body to help create greater well-being and vitality.  


I facilitate teams and conduct workshops. The facilitations are highly customized. The workshops are interactive and targeted to equip participants with pragmatic skills in leadership and teamwork. They may involve simulations, group dynamics exercises, case studies, psychological tools, and even outdoor expeditions. Participants range from junior executives to CEOs and country governors.    




Since I was child I have been fascinated by how we can transform ourselves to be happier while also becoming more effective in what we do. I studied psychology at:

  • Stanford University (BA & PhD)
  • Harvard University (post-doc and stationed at Harvard Business School)

Previous work experience:

  • Naval officer
  • Dot comer (in the startup that created Yahoo! Mail)
  • University faculty

Current appointments:

  • Principal (Marshall Consulting)
  • Adjunct faculty (National University of Singapore & Singapore Management University)
  • Coach & Supervisor (INSEAD)  

I now dovetail peak performance training with my background in clinical psychology. To many people's surprise, I'm a third-generation Singaporean and prior to becoming a full-time university professor, I worked as a janitor.