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I am a psychotherapist, executive coach and leadership trainer. I've held faculty positions at the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Management University. At INSEAD, I am currently a coach and supervisor, and at Yale-NUS I am a lecturer of leadership studies.

I started to bridge clinical psychology, coaching, and leadership two decades ago while stationed at Harvard Business School. I found that clinical work with high performers at times resembled executive coaching. I went on to a full-time university faculty position where I focused on working with mid-career students, executives, and groups to be more effective in leadership and teamwork. My emphasis was on creating personal and group transformation. By the end of my career, I hope to have created a single, integrated framework that will help people develop greater well-being and effectiveness. Regardless if we are concerned with coping with clinical struggles or striving for peak performance, managing our minds is key and may happen in similar ways. I hope to understand and communicate that better.

I am a third-generation Singaporean and I started my leadership work as a Naval officer in the Singapore Navy. There, I managed 3 amphibious platoons; 100 sailors. Later I joined the 20-person start-up that became Yahoo! Mail. I went on to do a doctorate in counseling psychology at StanfordUniversity and a post-doctorate fellowship at Harvard University. I’ve had two full-time, tenure-track university positions and won two commendations for teaching excellence at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (National University of Singapore).


My ongoing clinical training includes psychodynamic, Gestalt, ego-state, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), hypnotherapy, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), schema, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), human sexuality and couples counseling. I have been particularly influenced by the work of Irvin Yalom, a pioneer of existential psychotherapy. As an executive coach I received a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and became a Certified Integral Coach with New Ventures West. Tangentially related to my work, I have recently completed a two-and-a-half year program for long-term practitioners of mindfulness meditation.

In 2013, I focused primarily on developing Marshall Consulting, a boutique human development firm, and I continue to be involved with courses at Yale-NUS and INSEAD.

At last count, I have worked with approximately 2000 people from 100 countries. I have lived in Singapore, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. 


When someone gains an awareness of their inner core, they feel more alive, their mind becomes quiet and they experience a sense of flow more often as life takes on greater richness and value.
— Jonathan



  • Since 2013 – Marshall Consulting Pte Ltd: Head

  • Since 2016 – Yale - National University of Singapore: Lecturer

  • Since 2012 – INSEAD, (EMCCC): Coach & Supervisor



2006 – 18 National University of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy: Seven years as full-time Assistant Professor, six years as Adjunct Associate Professor
2014 – 17 Singapore Management University, School of Social Sciences: Adjunct Professor of Leadership Studies
2005 – 06 Nanyang Technical University, Singapore: Assistant Professor of Psychology
2002 – 03 University of San Francisco, California: Predoctoral Intern in Psychology
2001 – 02 Kaiser Permanente, Milpitas, California: Predoctoral Intern in Psychology
1999 – Yahoo!, Cupertino, California: Usability Intern
1996 – Four 11, Menlo Park, California: Usability Consultant and Advertising Analyst. (This startup created Yahoo! Mail.)
1987-90 – Singapore Armed Forces: Naval Officer


Primary Psychology Qualifications

2013 – Singapore Psychological Society, Registered Psychologist
2004 – Harvard University, Massachusetts, Postdoctoral fellowship in Psychotherapy
2003 – Stanford University, California, PhD in Counseling Psychology (APA-accredited program)
1994 – Stanford University, California, BA in Psychology


Coaching Qualifications

2017 – International Coaching Federation (ICF), Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
2016 – New Ventures West, Singapore, Certified Integral Coach


Other Qualifications & Continuing Education

2019 – Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Training for Mental Health Professionals, Singapore
2019 – EMDR Advanced Training (Mini-Art with Dr Roger Solomon), Singapore
2019 – Dedicated Practitioners Program 5 of 5 (insight meditation), Spirit Rock, USA
2019 – Group Process - Theory, Sacramento Center for Group Psychotherapy, Singapore
2018 – Dedicated Practitioners Program 4 of 5 (insight meditation), Spirit Rock, USA
2018 – Dedicated Practitioners Program 3 of 5 (insight meditation), Spirit Rock, USA
2018 – Master Class: The Art and Dance of EMDR, by Roger Solomon, Singapore
2018 – Coach as Entrepreneur, by Steve March, Singapore
2018 – Unleash the Power Within, by Tony Robbins, Singapore
2017 – Dedicated Practitioners Program 2 of 5 (insight meditation), Spirit Rock, USA
2017 – Family Constellations, by Judith Hemming, United Kingdom
2017 – Leadership Essentials & Building High-Performing Teams, by Russ Hudson on Enneagram Harmonics, Singapore
2017 – Dedicated Practitioners Program 1 of 5 (insight meditation), Spirit Rock, USA
2017 – CranioSacral Therapy 1, via Upledger Institute, Singapore
2017 – Leadership Embodiment, with Wendy Palmer, Singapore
2016 – When CBT Fails: Schema Therapy for Chronic Axis I Disorders, Singapore
2016 – Professional Coaching Course Module 4, New Ventures West, Singapore
2016 – Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Laughter Yoga International University, Singapore
2016 – Diamond Approach Quasar Workshop, Australia
2016 – Professional Coaching Course Module 3, New Ventures West, Singapore
2016 – Professional Coaching Course Module 2, New Ventures West, Singapore


2015 – The Enneagram and Integral Coaching, Singapore
2015 – Professional Coaching Course Module 1, New Ventures West, Singapore
2015 – Coaching to Excellence, New Ventures West, Singapore
2015 – Schema Therapy Level 1, Singapore
2015 – Integrating Body and Mind for Trauma Recovery, Babette Rothschild, Singapore
2015 – Advanced Facilitation Skills Masterclass, Module 2, Civil Service College, Singapore
2015 – Advanced Facilitation Skills Masterclass, Module 1, Civil Service College, Singapore
2015 – The Singapore Group Relations Conference, Singapore
2015 – Getting the Love you Want: A Spiritual Path for Couples, Harville Hendrix, Omega Institute, USA
2015 – Breathwork, Lena Kristina Tuulse, Bali, Indonesia
2014 – Understanding Dreams, Singapore
2014 – EMDR Institute Basic Training, Sigmund Burzynski, Singapore
2014 – TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercise), Level 1, Singapore
2014 – The Work of Byron Katie, Omega Institute, USA
2013 – Winning From Within facilitator training, Mobius Executive Leadership, USA
2013 – Intermediate Ericksonian Hypnosis – Milton-Erickson Foundation, Singapore
2013 – Basic Ericksonian Hypnosis – Milton-Erickson Foundation, Singapore
2011 – Advanced Hypnosis – Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, New Orleans, USA
2010 – Advanced Hypnosis – Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, Boston, USA
2009 – Advanced Hypnosis – Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, Reno, USA
2009 – Theory-U, Presencing Institute, Massachusetts, USA
2009 – Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – Behavior (FIRO-B) Certification, Hemisphere Consulting, Singapore
2008 – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step I & Step II Certification Program, Hemisphere Consulting, Singapore
2008 – The Leicester Conference (Group Relations) by the Tavistock Institute, Leicester, UK
2001 – Intermediate Hypnosis – Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, San Antonio, USA
1994 – Intermediate Hypnosis – Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, San Francisco, USA
1993 – Basic Hypnosis – Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, Tampa, USA


Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

2012 – Commendation for Teaching Excellence
2011 – Commendation for Teaching Excellence 


Non-Academic Articles (available here)

(2018) [Interview with Business Insider] Trance States
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TV & Webcasts (available here)

(2015) "Digital Love" Channel NewsAsia
(2014) "How Birth Order Affects Your Love Life?" Channel NewsAsia
(2014) "How Many Friends Do We Really Need?" Channel NewsAsia

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