Thank you for your interest in coaching. There are no longer any times available before August 2019.

If you’d like to be in touch, don’t hesitate to contact me via email.

The information below is no longer applies

If you're in Leadership Fundamentals at Yale-NUS, and would like to meet me for office hours, you're in the right place! Note that meetings will be at my office which is an 8-minute drive from Yale-NUS College. I insist on giving $10 for your taxi ride.

You are welcome to schedule multiple sessions until the Yale-NUS quota of 25 hours coaching hours has been reached. Just click on the “1 hour” or “1.5 hour” link below and you’ll be shown available times in the next three weeks. Note that these times are during my corporate coaching hours, so if you make a last minute change, it will impact me in a way that wasn’t the case when I was a full-time, salaried professor. Please avoid any changes 1 week prior to a session.

(It may take 10 seconds for the calendar below to load.)