If you're in Leadership Fundamentals at Yale-NUS, and would like to meet me for office hours, you're in the right place! Note that meetings will be at my office which is an 8-minute drive from Yale-NUS College. I insist on giving $10 for your taxi ride.

You are welcome to schedule multiple sessions until the Yale-NUS quota of 25 hours coaching hours for our class has been reached. I anticipate that being some point in early 2019. Just click on the “1 hour” link below and select a date that works for you. Note that these times are during my corporate coaching hours, so if you make a last minute change, it will impact me in a way that wasn’t the case when I was a full-time, salaried professor. Please avoid any changes 2 weeks prior to a session.

FYI, I will be overseas from 1st - 22nd November.

(It may take 10 seconds for the calendar below to load.)