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If you haven't yet completed a form, please go to New Clients even if you have been a client before. 


FYI Having worked on this booking and payment system for an embarrassingly long time, I confess I think it's unnecessarily tricky to use. So if you have forgotten your package code or reduced fee coupon, don't worry. Just select "Pay Later" and my accountant will send you an invoice within a month.  

Package of 10 Hours To purchase of package of 10 hours for the price of 9, click here unless you are on a Discounted Fee. In that case, don't hesitate to email me and I will send you a personal discount code for this and future packages.  

Using Your Package If you have already purchased a package of sessions, click Package Code and enter your registered email address .

Discounted Fee If you're on a discounted fee and are paying for sessions one at a time, click Package Code and enter your discount code.


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Registering for an Account After scheduling an appointment, you will have the option to register for an account. An account saves you time entering in your details and indicates the times of your booked appointments.