Psychotherapy at Linklaters


If you work at Linklaters and would like to schedule a session of psychotherapy, you’re in the right place.

You are welcome to use these sessions for brief therapy, getting referrals for therapy, or just a chat. Sessions are entirely confidential and free. They are held at Linklaters’ Singapore office and last 50-minutes. Our current contract is until June 2019 and may be renewed.

Who are the therapists?

Linda has 20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist and has been the president of two psychological communities. Previously, she worked in Human Resources and project-based Management. She comes to Linklaters every third Wednesday. (More about Linda)

Jonathan is a psychotherapist, executive coach, and third-generation Singaporean. Formerly on full-time faculty member at the National University of Singapore, he comes to Linklaters every other Monday. (More about Jonathan)

New vs Returning If you haven’t yet had a session with Linda or Jonathan, please click on the New Client button. If you have had a session before, please click Returning Client.