Psychotherapy at Allen & Overy


If you work at Allen & Overy and would like to schedule a session of psychotherapy, you’re in the right place.

You are welcome to use these sessions to discuss your concerns, get referrals for longer term therapy, or just chat. Sessions are entirely confidential and free. They are held at Allen & Overy’s Singapore office and last 50-minutes.


New and Priority clients will see available sessions 40 days in advance.

  • New Client: anyone who hasn't previously received psychotherapy at A&O

  • Priority: anyone who feels a need for a session regardless of having been seen before

Returning clients will see available sessions with:

  • Linda 4o days in advance

  • Jonathan 7 days in advance

To book a session, click on one these two buttons:

Who are the therapists?

  • Linda has 20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist and has been the president of two psychological communities. Previously, she worked in Human Resources and project-based Management. She comes to A&O every third Wednesday. (More about Linda)

  • Jonathan is a psychotherapist, executive coach, leadership trainer and third-generation Singaporean. Formerly on full-time faculty member at the National University of Singapore, he comes to A&O every other Monday. (More about Jonathan)

Is this a place for ongoing psychotherapy?

The focus of these sessions is on brief care (up to 4 sessions) or urgent concerns rather than ongoing therapy. If you would like recommendations for longer term work, we would be glad to help you find a suitable therapist. Laura Rance has a list of providers we recommend.

If you can’t find a session

If you can’t find any available sessions, there are two options.

  1. For critical issues, don’t hesitate to go to a hospital Emergency Room. The public hospitals tend to be good. I find the services at Mount Elizabeth, a private hospital, particularly good. However, they are expensive. Your may want to check if your insurance will pay.

  2. For non-critical issues, you are welcome to join our waiting list.